Sunday, September 25, 2011

Envious of the life I could've had.. So I fantasize about it as much as I can.. I wish things were different. I use to think following trends or  conforming to the Stigma of whats pretty was ,Its something I really had to do. I now realize pretending to be someone your not just to sit with the cool kids ,only makes things worse and you a fraud. I use to try so hard to fit in that I always still wind up standing out. I just wasn't meant to be with the beautiful people... But who decides what beauty really is anyway?.... (Brief S/N)Im currently struggling to believe the concept I just wrote before this random side note... People use to say if you think or say something long enough that it will become fact. I sit and wonder how many times will I have to say ''Your beautiful or Your fine the way you are", Before I'll believe that 100 percent.. Hopefully One day I'll smile and think of my flaws as a bonus for the people in my life. lol

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